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21 Oct

Yellow Waking Mother

Toddlers to Teens No Response

Yellow is
a high-minded mood
the extravagance of sunlight
to be touched–
not long
by the colors of play

It is of hair
tendering golden sun
brown pennies for lemonade
for a child of seven

Yellow is
bumping into the screaming end
of a lit cigarette

Yellow is
dripping from the eaves
onto an empty soup can

It is
spindling sparrow song
from highest perch on roof 
his pitch can reach

Yellow is
in rattled doorknob
An infant’s sweet 
voice wanting – in
Reciting menu
above mattress
edges into sleep
Two dark eyes 
for yellow
Mother into morning–

“juice…. eggs”
Yellow is 
opening a car door
at the shore’s 
Smells of life
warmth and breeze
Touching strings
the kites
of  sense
above the tone
 octaves of excitement
to see to hear to touch to taste
to know 
again –

the ocean of my mother
as she calms the restless waves and sand of us
with stuff to lug out to the beach
towels, pails and shovels
Picnic basket, cooler
lotion, comic books, her magazines

Mom looks out 
her glasses, dark
reflecting beauty – 

“Take your sister’s hand.”

Yellow is the squeal
of cannot wait 

Besides appearing in several online publication, Liz Balise has had a poem published in the Mulberry Poet’s anthology, Palpable Clock, University of Scranton Press. Poems, short stories, and articles have appeared in ergo magazine of Prufrock’s Cafe during the early 1990s. More recently, her work has appeared in The Blue Nib, and she is to be the featured poet in the fall print and online editions. 

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