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21 Aug

Where to Keep a Poem

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on a moonbeam or in the retold dream of a child at breakfast
in another semester or with the ashes of a foremother
behind your ear like a quarter awaiting Uncle Mike’s tricky hand or in the sand on St. Maarten
buzzing in fingertips like hyper bees or in the space of a longing gaze
under lapping waves or wandering the map of your palm
between wrinkles on mother’s hand or flicked from eyelashes in a blink
sing it into cake batter, words dropping as you fold or in the hollow of a giant oak
pour illegal thoughts on legal pad or on the crumpled sheets of an empty bed
just keep it
intertwined with snowflake lace or in the space between you and me
in any sigh or the guttural cry from your child’s hospital room
mingle it with mud you stir with a stick or hidden in the tuck of praying knees
in the mysterious amygdala or a serious moment of silence
on the breath of a baby’s yawn or dipped in the lake on an oar from your canoe
throw it up into the dust of a passing comet or under a trunk in grandma’s attic
mix it with saline tears or hold onto it for years inside your organ cells
leave it on a painting at an art show, but not in your heart, because that’s too obvious
though, do keep it
in the pause of a lover’s laugh or temporarily tattooed on your calf
slipped between the pages of a library book or on your forehead (for those brave enough to look)
pray it out loud in a stranger-filled room full of smoke or choke on it




Author of the inspiring, Searched the World Over For Elie: An International Adoption Story, Sherilyn Olsen presents workshops for state government and is working towards her Master’s of Arts, English at Weber State University. She co-edits the blog at Segullah, where she also contributes and edits for the journal. Sherilyn writes essays and poetry, with pieces published in various magazines and journals. She lives in mountainous South Ogden, Utah with her husband and four children.

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