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21 Sep

What Boys Do

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My son turns eight.
Five friends sleep over.

The evening is a long streak
of sleek bodies and noise,

trains at rush hour,
Doppler and dangerous

for bystanders too close.
This is what boys do,

I have been warned.
All elbows and motion,

collusion and collision.
Still years from the first

scratch of the blade or
deepening of a vowel,

my son brandishes
his ticket to Manhood. Shoving

with newfound ferocity
into the unruly line,

he leaps on board a one-way ride
with no brakes,

no one steering,
all their arms waving

wildly from the windows
as they fly past me.


Lauren Cerruto loves the taste of words, especially when they are well prepared. She has a BA in English from the University of Virginia, where she studied poetry with Greg Orr, Deborah Nystrom, and Rita Dove. Her poems have appeared in Margie: The American Journal of Poetry, The Journal of NJ Poets, The Paterson Literary Review, Pirene’s Fountain, Cliterature, Poets Online, and in a final exam at West Point Military Academy. She is currently working on a poetry chapbook and a novel.

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