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05 Jun


General/Column One Response

The coffee dripdrip
and petals today
one by
one by
one by
one, pluckedfree and so carefully
placed in layers in the bowl.

Flowered Pandemonium Pie

What’s in it? I want to know.
First roses
wax flower
and berries
celery salt
a crust of greenleaves and grounds.

Breakfast, she tells me.



Eleanor Boockmeier is a Chicago native, living and writing on the city’s far north side. A cheesemonger by profession as well as a passionate home cook, she is the creator of Monday Kitchen – a micro-essay gratitude project on Instagram based out of her own postage-stamp sized kitchen. Look for more of her work appearing soon in Dime Show Review. 
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  1. Ingrid

    June 5, 2019 at 1:36 pm

    This poem captures one of the most disarmingly wonderful and wholly unexpected parts of motherhood for me: wildflower gifts. Thank you for capturing it.


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