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21 Oct


Toddlers to Teens No Response

for my sister

Your granddaughter
in white tights and
fairy flower-girl dress –
party shoes and bright colored
candies meant to distract her
already abandoned –
placed her little hand
slowly and softly
above the midnight dark
v-neckline of your dress
into the milky lake of your back.
Your daughter, sitting
in the pew behind you,
held her on her knees until
she tired of watching
the gentle mark dissolve
and dropped her head
with all its waves and curls
onto the pillow of a purse
to take a nap, the imprint
still there in shell-white sand
by the blue water of your heart.

Luci Huhn attended writing programs at Western Michigan University and the University of Iowa, and published a chapbook with Breakwater Press titled ‘The Years That Come After’. She recently retired as Director of Training at a Native American casino in Southwest Michigan, and has happily returned to writing poetry about nature, family, aging, and motherhood. 

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