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19 Dec


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Under the influence,
drifting, deadweight,
his head on my shoulder,
torso limp in my arms.

A whimper, then,
as I labor to grip
a boy aching to let go.

Pull free of the pain.
Climb out of the ether.
Calling him back,
begging him forward.

Temples pressed close,
I grasp at his hands,
fetid breath on a pillow,
eyes drifting to follow.

Thrashing, he cries.
Closely, I whisper,
watching him fade,
caught in the pull.

The tide too strong
beneath tattooed skin.
A wanderer’s heart
is calling him home.


As a writer, Angela Wade’s articles, interviews, poems, essays, and reviews have appeared in various print and online publications, including Calyx Journal, Inkwell Magazine, Mindful Homeschooler, and Home Education Magazine.

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