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20 Mar


General/Column 2 Responses

On days my children are in transit
in canoes
on motorcycles
Zone 3, row 8, seat 3B
dropping in to canyons, laden with heavy backpacks and little water
on busses crammed with athletes smelling of the game
I pace our house.
I trip over disorder,
apply tea and weed the chard,
but in no way can I land,
as if my attention is necessary
to the meshing of gears, the geometry of loft,
to passing lanes and winking blinkers,
as if the flapping wings of my own heart
are necessary and required for this
and every passage.

I am sure of it.
Their safe travels
and the grace of angels.



Suzi Banks Baum is a writer, maker, teacher, and mother. She’s passionate about helping women find their creative voice and live focused, joy-filled lives. Recently returned from Gyumri, Armenia, where she led an art and writing workshop called New Illuminations, Suzi inspires hundreds of women every year to live their lives from the space of creative spirit and to value their contributions to the world and one another. You can find her work on Rebelle Society, TheMid, Literary Mama, MotherWriterMentor and her blog, suzibanksbaum.com.

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  1. B. Lynn Goodwin

    March 21, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    Lovely! Reading this makes me imagine a life as a mother.

    B. Lynn Goodwin

  2. Lori Landau

    March 22, 2017 at 2:41 am

    The sentiments and lack of security of being a mom are in good and graceful hands with Suzi. Her blend of details and emotion are spot on and delivered straight to the gut, heart and soul.


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