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30 Dec

Time Will Tell

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It’s been three weeks.
Time, dragging its feet across
the stone floor of our minds
as if shackled at the ankles.
Time, kneeling, out of breath.

Time is what she doesn´t have.
In spring, she bolted up
and down hills on her bicycle.
She bladed across the plaza
then fell, pulling my daughter

down with her. Jumbled skates 
and laughter, soft spring light 
cascading over their comically twisted 
bodies, four years of friendship
chronicled in pictures like this one.

In summer, they tossed days 
in the air like sticks and leaves,
 time scattering in their wake, 
trampled under their feet 
as they moved on to a new game.

Three weeks of tests and she´s home
for the weekend, a reprieve from 
x-rays and sonographies, from punctures
and bloodwork and intravenous lines. 
Time has chiseled her legs into

stilts. Her torso sits on top, tilting
as she walks, the whole frame 
threatening to rupture, yet she races 
my daughter up ladders, they 
glide down slides in tandem

while her moms chase minutes around
the clock, grab them from behind
as if they were a pack of thieves,
wondering if answers might be found
in time´s immobilized hands. 

My daughter asks me when 
her best friend is coming back to school.
I look at her face, round and luminous 
as the sun, her burning gaze,
and I think, only time will tell.

Julie Weiss received her BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from SJSU. She´s a 45-year-old ex-pat from Foster City, California, who moved to Spain in 2001 and never looked back. She works as a telephone English teacher from her home in Guadalajara, Spain, where she lives with her wife, 4-year-old daughter, and 2-year-old son. Her work has been published in Lavender Review, Sinister Wisdom, The American Journal of Poetry, Santa Clara Review, Sky Island Journal, and Random Sample Review, among others, and appears or is forthcoming in several anthologies.

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