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20 Jun

There You Were

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In Memory of Alistair

At the first sonogram,
we searched the screen
and there you were,
with your brother,
in Mama’s belly.

Your big brother played
with cars on the floor
while Mama and I gazed
up at the screen.
When the doctor said “two,”

our jaws dropped
and insides swelled and we imagined
bringing you home,
watching you and Quinton
even some score with Titus.

You were small then,
but in that moment we knew
you had heart enough for the name
Alistair—you were a friend,
a defender of all men.

We watched you grow—
we listened to the steady whoosh
of your heart
and when things got tight,
there you were;

When the flat of a palm found
that place where you sat,
you prodded and poked back,
with fingers, foot, or buttocks
and there you were, living in our smiles.

The morning you followed your brother
into this world, we cradled you
in the crooks of our arms,
loving you—needing your presence,
and when our tears welled,

we closed our eyes, and there you were.


Daniel Ruefman’s poetry and short fiction has widely appeared in periodicals, including the Red Earth Review, Barely South Review, Clapboard House, FLARE, Burningword, DIALOGIST, SLAB, and others. His chapbook, “Breathe Automatic” was released by Finishing Line Press in 2014. He is the proud father of three boys.

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