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22 Apr

The Time Woman

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Though Winter’s dress

seems all encompassing,

slippery and danger-filled,

soon her white cloak vanishes.


What seems like an endless

bound of fabric,


in a microsecond,

like the time-woman’s great blink,

or the click of a vigilant camera.


And she wonders:

can children slip

down storm drains,

slide down ravines,

vanish in icy crevasses?


For once she was small,

with dimples in her hands,

big, owl eyes,

small teeth,

small nods,

and now she’s gone.


That’s when she knows

a child grows

faster than snow melts.


Chantal Walvoord has a M.A. in Literature, University of Kentucky and MLS from Louisiana State University. She has two daughters. She has published reviews in Publisher’s Weekly and other book-related journals.

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