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18 Feb

The Sound

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of my daughter falling
out of bed was really
the sound of a stolen car
hitting a tree in front
of the neighbor’s house.
The thieves,
two teenage boys,
soundlessly jump
the wrought iron gate
to our front yard,
run down the path beside
our house then jump again,
the backyard fence,
throwing wild footprints
in the blossoming,
still-falling snow.




Wendy Merie Vergoz is the recipient of a Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship from the Arts Council of Indianapolis, an Individual Artist Grant from the Indiana Arts Commission, and a Service Engagement Grant from Indiana Campus Compact. She teaches writing at Marian University in Indianapolis and a writing workshop at the Unleavened Bread Cafe for women survivors of incarceration, domestic violence, and drug addiction. She is the editor of two books: The Unleavened Bread Cafe: Twenty Years of Living Water and Voices Unlocked: Soulful Stories from 30th and Central.

Vergoz’s poems are forthcoming in 50/50: Poems & Translations by Women over 50, and they have been published in Cleaver Magazine, Flying Island Journal, Ground, The Christian Century, Literary Mama, and Anglican Theological Review, and they have appeared in exhibitions at the Harrison Center for the Arts, “Spirit and Place,” “Art of the Moving Image & Spoken Word,” “Wrestling with the Infinite,” and “Religion, Spirituality and the Arts.”

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