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19 Jun

The Graduation

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They single file through auditoriums,
grins pinned on faces full of eyelashes,

reminding me of Wednesday lunches
and sandwiches in music rooms. Better

tell them life is fast and dreams might
come in short supply or they could lose

their pixie dust and never hear a talking
tree. But this is their commencement day,

when parents weep while children march
unfolding tiny sparrows wings. A jubilee

named growing up with declarations
and offerings. Jimmy says a CEO is what

he wants to be. Billy mentions President’s
a possibility. But I am drawn to Mary Lang

with Housewife by her name, deciding
she is unaware of what potential means, or maybe

her career will find the joy inside her home−
Perhaps her mother cooks and sings with thimblefuls

of happiness that flowed to elfin apron strings.


Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas is an eight-time Pushcart nominee and four-time Best of the Net nominee. She has authored several chapbooks along with her latest full-length collection of poems:Hasty Notes in No Particular Order, newly released from Aldrich Press. She is the 2012 winner of the Red Ochre Press Chapbook competition with her manuscript Before I Go to Sleep and according to family lore she is a direct descendant of Robert Louis Stevenson. www.clgrellaspoetry.com

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