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In the Tall Bending Grass

General/Column November 21, 2016

I have a picture of my daughter taped to the left side of my bathroom mirror. It is there first…

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Today I Made the Decision to Forgive Someone

In Mother Words Blog March 28, 2016

Today I made the decision to forgive someone. Not my mother–I forgave her long ago. Not my father–there was never…

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Like a Bird on Breadcrumbs

General/Column March 21, 2016

Her handprints used to bother me. From the moment Harper first took a step of her own, she’s made handprints…

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The symptoms of cat scratch fever or paranoia

General/Column September 11, 2015

will include a red spot on your infant’s cheek. Smaller than a penny, smaller than a dime, smaller than the…

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