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The Cartwheel Dance

General/Column June 29, 2020

I had no idea if four-year-olds could do cartwheels, but my daughter, Nina, had been working on it all morning…

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The Beast

In Mother Words Blog June 12, 2020

In the morning, when the light glows blue, the Beast behind my breastbone is quiet. She is tired, I suppose,…

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Learning to Hold One’s Breath and Other Uncomfortable Things

General/Column August 19, 2019

The house temperature at 4am. Attempts to keep quiet after stepping hard on the blunt, plastic head of an LOL Surprise…

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Ghazal on Worry

General/Column December 17, 2018

How your concern catches me off guard, your worry. I awoke early, from my own overflow of parental worry. The…

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