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A Ring, a Pair of Shoes, a Wedding: the Ties that Bind, and Unbind, When a Daughter Marries

General/Column June 17, 2019

I’m sitting across from my daughter at a table in a trendy Toronto restaurant, our first meetup since her wedding…

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Just a Blur

General/Column May 3, 2019

There aren’t any high chairs at the hotel’s complimentary breakfast. The autumn display near the entrance—candy corn filled lanterns, foam…

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On the Morning of Your Wedding

General/Column August 15, 2016

they ask me how I feel to have my eldest marrying so young. I haven’t yet thought myself what the…

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It’s Time

General/Column February 23, 2015

  No one ever says much about the mother of the groom, so she didn’t know that even if she…

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