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Ode to Dried Paint on the Kitchen Table

Toddlers to Teens November 23, 2020

My daughter paints her body redand green and every color of the two,and paints the pool, the naked baby, Buzz, the…

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Toddlers to Teens October 21, 2019

She screams and Icurl up a little more, a little tighterhiding from the tantrums buildingoutside. The older one starts yellingand…

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The Suffix to Giving Birth

General/Column June 17, 2019

is a skeleton that bickers as sand in every hinge of a house, a bladder that whispers in my underwear…

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Just a Blur

General/Column May 3, 2019

There aren’t any high chairs at the hotel’s complimentary breakfast. The autumn display near the entrance—candy corn filled lanterns, foam…

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