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Of Motherhood and Google

General/Column December 8, 2017

“Weeee…” you squeal in delight, as we ride the choo-choo train in the park for the third time that evening….

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He’s Got This

In Mother Words Blog December 1, 2017

When our second child was born, my husband and I were unaware that we were entering a profoundly difficult decade….

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What Do Mothers of Teenage Daughters Want?

General/Column October 23, 2017

–after Kim Addonizio’s “What Do Women Want?” I want my little girl back. I want her snuggling and grateful, I…

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Before Great Pain, a Formal Feeling Comes

Toddlers to Teens January 18, 2016

We decorate the living room, twinkle-lights strung across the ceiling from one corner to the other. Mechanically, we lift the…

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