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February 2006

Babyhood March 4, 2016

I knew your eyes were brown when you were born, puckered fat over the supple bone, blossomed breaths fluttered the…

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The Tides are Turning: A Letter to My 6-Year Old Son

In Mother Words Blog January 4, 2016

Dear 6-year old son, Something is happening, between you and me. The winds are changing. I can feel it—this inevitable,…

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Growing Into the Quiet

General/Column December 7, 2015

I held a blue whale with long teeth in my hands, sticking my fingers into its open mouth, dramatically. And…

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General/Column November 16, 2015

“Mom, Colombia is filled with drugs and violence,” my thirteen-year old son says matter-of-fact, out of the blue. We are…

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