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Only For a Moment

General/Column August 4, 2017

My eyes travel across the pictures that grace the walls of my bedroom, taking in the ultrasound image of a…

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Mothers, Daughters, Beauty, Aging, and the Sea: A Tragi-comedy in Five Acts

General/Column July 17, 2017

Act I Mothers: My Mother’s Silicone Breast Implants When my mother was just three years older than I am now,…

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Don’t Mess With Mother Goose

General/Column July 7, 2017

My mother has a goose nesting in a planter at the end of her dock. The goose sits on her…

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Coloring Outside the Lines

General/Column April 18, 2016

I used to keep all of the kids’ craft supplies out of reach. Then the children started to climb and open…

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