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Mama Hedgehog

In Mother Words Blog January 17, 2020

A dozen pair of beady eyes stared at me while I fiddled with a button on my cardigan. I was…

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Review of Ann E. Wallace’s Counting By Sevens

In Mother Words Blog January 15, 2020

If you are a parent, a patient, or a death-defier, you will see yourself in Wallace’s poignant words. Reading Ann…

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Three Month Checkup

In Mother Words Blog January 10, 2020

I dreaded opening the door and stepping inside, but once I entered the small space lined with draping cloth, I…

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Time Will Tell

Toddlers to Teens December 30, 2019

It’s been three weeks.Time, dragging its feet acrossthe stone floor of our mindsas if shackled at the ankles.Time, kneeling, out…

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