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The Ultrasound

General/Column December 21, 2015

Like an astronomer discovering a galaxy, I study the pattern spiraling in your body, celestial and mysterious. Trembling at the…

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The Things I Learned About Myself During My Baby’s First Year On The Planet

In Mother Words Blog October 12, 2015

My first child turned one a few weeks ago (cue racking sobs and blubbering about my baby!), and in that…

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Zombie Mommy

In Mother Words Blog September 9, 2015

The clothes pile around me. The dishes pile up in the sink, and I’m pulling bits of malt-o-meal from my…

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Ode to a Breast Pump

General/Column June 15, 2015

Dear little box of noisy meter, dear tiny drum of daily duty, dear small black lunch box for a leprechaun,…

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