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As Friends Do

In Mother Words Blog January 24, 2020

I tore a piece off from my flakey ham and gruyere croissant and popped it in my mouth, letting the…

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Time Will Tell

Toddlers to Teens December 30, 2019

It’s been three weeks.Time, dragging its feet acrossthe stone floor of our mindsas if shackled at the ankles.Time, kneeling, out…

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Shine On, Brief Candle

General/Column May 31, 2019

Life is a burning candle that flickers and fails. The wax is neither fortified nor fashioned from steel to withstand…

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The Magic of a First Best Friend

General/Column December 17, 2018

I never imagined that my American son would be on the living room floor making art with his Japanese best…

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