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Wind and Grace

General/Column December 30, 2019

The winds are back, as is the memory. My five-year-old daughter asks, “Will there be fires?” I look at her…

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Learning to Hold One’s Breath and Other Uncomfortable Things

General/Column August 19, 2019

The house temperature at 4am. Attempts to keep quiet after stepping hard on the blunt, plastic head of an LOL Surprise…

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Enough is Enough

General/Column September 29, 2017

She’s wearing that red sweater again, I think as my daughter sashays through the room in her favorite 35-year-old red…

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Pessimism Crossroads

General/Column August 15, 2016

It’s bedtime. I steer my daughter into the bathroom to brush her teeth. She is whining about how she didn’t…

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