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White Knuckles

General/Column December 17, 2018

The voice from my phone instructs me to turn right. Atticus, hooked up to headphones, misses the first hill.  Whoever…

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The Road Not Taken: A Suburban Mom’s Secret Fear of Highway Driving

General/Column October 23, 2017

Years ago, I watched a sports interview on television featuring a professional football player. “My mama ain’t afraid of nothing,…

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How to Teach a Teenage Daughter to Drive

General/Column October 17, 2016

First, take that part of your being, the crusty hen that flaps in your ribcage, the piece of you that…

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For Sarah, Driving to the PSAT

General/Column August 17, 2015

Sometimes this love is a fist squeezing my heart catching me in an ordinary moment as you turn your shoulders to reach for a…

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