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My Little Patch of Wild

General/Column June 19, 2020

Penelope is two, and our postage-stamp backyard is her favorite place. A turtle-shaped sandbox sits atop the patio, a patch…

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Dreams for Children

General/Column February 24, 2020

What happens to a mother’s dreams for her children? Are they chipped by playful challengesOr cracked by impetuous choices?Pitted by…

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Involuntary Chemical Reaction

General/Column June 20, 2016

Somewhere between the imagined and the real I build a small nest of unfolded laundry and unread mail turn around…

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Outside their room, there are bullets with everyone’s names

General/Column May 16, 2016

Every night, I fill my daughters with dreams. Their world is made of ice-cream pants, chewing gum shoes, chocolate dresses,…

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