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Hands, Hearts, Lungs

General/Column June 17, 2019

Hands Wrist bone against wrist bone we press palms together slowly, my daughter and I, measuring which hand is longer:…

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Three Months after Abigail’s Bat Mitzvah

General/Column April 22, 2019

Three months after Abigail’s bat mitzvah I return to Jerusalem A tourist Twenty years after the Tchernichovsky Street apartment A…

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What I Do Miss

General/Column February 18, 2019

This morning my daughter – who is ten – Was running a little late So I stooped down to untie…

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Stop Telling Me To Cut My Toddler’s Hair

General/Column February 15, 2019

Some babies are born with full heads of hair, but not mine. My daughter entered the world with whispers of…

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