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Middle-aged Mother at 5 a.m.

General/Column April 18, 2016

Seven-dollar lilies from the sale bin open on the mantle, in the blown-glass vase I got cheap. Next to them,…

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When No One Looked

General/Column March 21, 2016

Once when no one was looking, I slipped my hand into the pocket of your jacket left behind, so I…

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February 2006

Babyhood March 4, 2016

I knew your eyes were brown when you were born, puckered fat over the supple bone, blossomed breaths fluttered the…

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The symptoms of cat scratch fever or paranoia

General/Column September 11, 2015

will include a red spot on your infant’s cheek. Smaller than a penny, smaller than a dime, smaller than the…

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