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Stepping Into Foster Child Adoption

General/Column August 15, 2016

Like a high board diver toes curled around the edge in that breathy moment of pause between the waiting and…

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I can’t have a baby because I have a 12:30 lunch meeting!

The 25th Hour July 7, 2016

(Diane Keaton, Baby Boom) When I married my husband, John, I was thirty-three and he was fifty. He was teaching…

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Gradually, Naturally, Gracefully

General/Column June 20, 2016

From the moment my husband, John, and I adopted our daughter, Annelise, I worried about how we would tell her…

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Poem For My Adopted Son

General/Column June 10, 2016

and for his mother, who surely kissed his head and hoped. For the woman who held him those 10 months…

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