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30 Dec

Swinging (flight)

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The grey chain wrapped 
in blue ribbon holds me close,
pacing my flight like a pendulum.

Hair brushed by salty wind
blowing through the oak trees,
laughing lines grooved along the branches.

To my right the next generation
subdues the earth, curls bright, 
spilling over with possibilities-

At her feet,
endless territory to walk and call
her own.

At her back,
sinewy love dissolves a
crinkled face with joy.

In her chest,
a window frosted with
the snowy drops of life.

Heaving hearts
grow lighter, as little girls
lean back to catch the sunlight.

Kelsi Folsom is a Texas-born poet and prose writer whose work is published in The Caribbean Writer, West Texas Literary Review, Motherly, Voice of Eve, Women Who Live on Rocks, and elsewhere. In addition to contributing regularly to Red Tent Living Magazine, she is the author of poetry chapbook Words the Dirt Meant to Share (Desert Willow Press, 2018) and Buried in the Margins, her first full length collection of poetry forthcoming with Finishing Line Press in 2020. She enjoys traveling with her husband and three kids, scouring estate sales, and occasionally putting her B.M. in Voice Performance to good use. Follow her writing and activities on Instagram @kelsifolsom.

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