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18 Feb

Sweet Darling

General/Column One Response

There are fifty flat dollars
Girl, go ahead and take them all
Buy whatever you want at the Japanese convenience store
Rice crackers and seaweed
Soda pop flavored with yuzu

Pack it up and take it with you
All of those years in a roller-bag filled with
Identical black t-shirts
From our concerted years
I have no useful advice for you
Unless you want a how-to on getting
Me to well up well enough

There’s a bullet train leaving for Osaka
And you know it only stops in the station
Like a snapshot, then it’s a blur of a ride
And you will interview the train for a wonderful job
The job that I used to have
Of containing you.



Jill Bronfman is a professor, poet, parent, non-profit worker, activist, and lawyer. She has performed her work at Poets in the Parks and LitQuake.

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  1. Maria Sebastian

    February 19, 2019 at 12:02 am

    Beautiful! I love the tone. Well done.


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