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11 May

Spring Flurries

General/Column One Response

A thick, dense blanket stretches
from one end of the horizon to the other
catching in bunched hitches
on tree lines, over rooftops
more gray than white,
more beige than gray
a loose, loveworn cotton

and in the back seat, the baby
sucks on his sections of the sky
as if it all were a dream
just like each day before

Amber Koneval is an alumni of Regis University with a B.A. in Religious Studies and English. She lives in Colorado where she works as a full-time nanny by day and a full-time poet by night. Her poetry has been published by such journals as ‘Time of Singing’, ‘Doxa’, ‘The Wayfarer’ and ‘The Chaffey Review’; and her first collection, ‘Drunk Dialing the Divine’, was published by eLectio publishing in 2012.

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