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23 Feb

Song of Coos

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The sound a butterfly’s wing makes

as it flutters languidly on a branch

is quieter than the puffs of breath from sleeping babies

Soft wet dreams flit about in their sweet-smelling heads

Honey sweet lips form coos and hesitant smiles

Babies grab at the sleek newness of skin

The world is a gift and they want to rip open the wrapping

I revel in their growth every day

Trying to commit every sound, every smile to memory

Storing those precious remembrances in my mind

as though I am pressing flowers into books

My children bloomed inside me

And every day after their birth

their petals unfurl a little bit more


Ophelia Leong is a wife and mother of three who loves to write. She has been published in Assisi: An Online Journal of Arts and Letters and the University of Pacific’s magazine, Calliope.

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