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17 Apr

Song and Shuttle

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Let this lullaby loose what slipped
through the thick cord as you spun
and were spun in my dark belly room.

May the waves from my lips
shake your dry bones ear-hid
’til the double-strands
we’ve handed down Pattern-fit.

Come, Cantus Firmus,
reverse weft, hidden warp,
rework fruit dripping

and down
dark ‘simmon red.


Melissa Weaver lives in Harrisonburg, Virginia, where she manages to tend to a steady husband, a preschooler, toddler and baby, an unruly backyard garden and occasionally, a poem or two. A former English and ELL teacher, she seeks to be deeply rooted in her neighborhood, building relationships with kids and families who have come from all over the world. There’s a place for her at the Trinity’s table, and she is learning that’s enough. Her work has appeared in The Christian Century, The Anabaptist Journal of Australia and New Zealand, and Transforming, a publication of Virginia Mennonite Missions.

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