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24 Aug

Someday You’ll Love Yourself

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—​after Ocean Vuong

Maybe it will happen during a pandemic
when, resources exhausted,
you lock yourself in the bathroom
as your children squall. Look,
you never imagined you’d be a mother,
projected disdain on those duties.
Yet, here you are: braced on a toilet, sequestered.
Be gentle. ​The most beautiful part
will be morning before the children
besiege you. Before they wake, it’s quiet
enough to hear histories. Remember
when your own mother shut your fingers
in the car door. Remember when she tipped
the canoe, and you sank beneath cold
water. Remember the panic. Remember
how you resented her busy life, full
even in your absence. ​The most beautiful
​ is that you have forgotten
all of this in order to remember
how these slips were inconsequential
and your mother was everything.
Consider that this poem is about a mother
who locked herself in a bathroom once,
to escape your shrills, but whose voice this is,
reminding you the most beautiful part
is you never once questioned her love, as solid
as the steel she used to lock you out.

Tara Iacobucci is a poet and mother of three living in the Boston area and teaches English at Canton High School. She self-published a young adult fiction novel titled The Trouble with Pretty, and her poetry and prose have appeared in Plymouth State University’s Comp Journal and Centripetal.

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