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11 Nov

Soldier Son

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Up before dawn, the house
alive as our younger sons
dance around him.

In pantomimed battle, the thunder
of their explosions rings stark
against the hardwood floor.

They declare victory,
while he falls in a heap
of mock death, only to rise
triumphant and pin them
beneath his six foot frame.

As daybreak erases
the last cover of night,
the heat of a far-away war
rises with the sun.
He sits at the table,
thumbing through papers
he’s checked twice before.

He sighs, stands
and pulls me close
with more force
than ever before, his belly
wracked by inaudible sobs
I have no way to fix.


Sharyl Collin started writing poetry about four years ago. Her poems have appeared in various publications, including Mason’s Road Literary Journal, Wild Goose Poetry Review, *82 Review, The Intentional and Lummox.

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