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22 Apr

Saying Goodbye to the Clouds

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Clouds have floated across
the sky of my son’s youth,
a Little Boy Blue firmament,
with Lordly clouds
shifting color with the time of day.

Under these clouds,
in the realm of Hypnos,
rising and falling
through the night;
his son Morpheus
guides my son
through the night.

Under these clouds,
there swarmed the terror of killer bees,
and the comfort of parental saviors.
Under these clouds,
there lived hours of books,
pulling you into other worlds.
Under these clouds,
there silently fell tears,
and softly held love.
Under these clouds,
there exploded angry words,
but also jumping, wrestling laughter.

Now, these clouds witness
the strumming of my son’s guitar,
melodies of a maturing mind.
Now these clouds hear
The awake dreaming
of a young man,
His life at its beginning.
These clouds
will soon be gone –
with my son, my firstborn,
not far behind.



Ellen Austin-Li is a poet, freelance writer, wife, mother, and friend who lives with in Cincinnati, Ohio. After dedicating 18 years to the nursing profession, Ellen is now devoted to writing poetry and prose. A long-time devotee of the power of words, Ellen’s life of service, combined with her colorful life experiences, informs her art. Involved in Women Writing for a Change, Ellen has been published in the L.A. Writers Tribe Review, the Maine Review, and Art Academy of Cincinnati’s annual poetry book, “For a Better World”. Visit her blog @ https://foreveryman.me/ 


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