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19 Jun

Royal Morning

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The child wakes and reaches into pure day,
high-wired to test the lay of the crib
to make sure the sheet’s firemen are climbing their ladders
and the monkey’s glass eyes have kept their stare.
He tries the wooden bars for strength, shaking them sternly.
His legs bounce, happy as frogs,

and light spills ever brighter through the split blinds.
The ear turns cupward to the fields
where rooster and donkey trumpet the hour
and a pick-up growls through gravel–oh glorious
day before mother wakes up
and the boy is prince of every prancing cloud.


Suzanne Underwood Rhodes is the mother of three children and the author of several books of poetry and lyrical prose: Hungry Foxes, A Welcome Shore, Sketches of Home, Weather of the House and others, and she has recent poems in Town Creek Poetry, Poetry East, Spiritus, and Midwest Review.

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