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06 Nov


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It used to be
that you and I
were about
Goodnight Moon
and Peter Rabbit

First I would read
and you would listen
then you would read
and I would listen
we both enjoyed the story.

But now we share
another interest
your hair
and cannot agree
if it should be washed
once a week
or thrice,
blow-dried from above
or below
worn up
or down

It has become
a tower
from which
the view beckons

and one of us
must surely leave.


Tina Pocha was born and raised in Bombay, India. She is a scientist by training and a writer by avocation. She is a mother of two and a recent empty-nester who works as an academic in the field of language and literacy. A new and emerging poet, Tina has been published in Cadence Collective, Eunoia Review and r.k.vr.y with more publications forthcoming in Hyacinth Press and East Jasmine Review. You can find more of her writing at www.tinapocha.com.

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