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21 Aug

Purple Orchid

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He traces the lavender flower
on the edge of her outer calf
sometimes he only touches half—

first petal arrived before the baby,
its darker concentric center appeared
with the third. It sways, softens

when she props her feet up.
But after working all day,
she conjures the varicose

cluster her badass tattoo,
exquisite inked blossom
against the wrinkled, white sheets.



Lisa Wiley is an assistant professor of English at Erie Community College, in Buffalo, NY. She is the author of two chapbooks My Daughter Wears Her Evil Eye to School (The Writer’s Den, 2015) and Chamber Music (Finishing Line Press, 2013). Her poetry has appeared in Earth’s Daughters, The Healing Muse, Medical Journal of Australia, Mom Egg Review and Silver Birch Press among others. She has read her work throughout New York State and serves as a regional judge for Poetry Out Loud.

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