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18 Feb

Prayer for Good Mothering

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I ask for one full day of presence.
when I can dote on her every word
and plea, follow her whimsy
where it leads. No distractions
like phones or bills or errands or chores.
no drifting thoughts about my next
meeting, deadline or creative impulse.

Confidence and faith
that work, in all its infinite forms,
will get done eventually, and well.
This person that I am
and have known for over
thirty-nine years will not
fizzle into oblivion
if I do, in fact, sit on the worn
woven, multi-colored kitchen rug
for hours to build block
kingdoms, roll cars along floor
lines, delight in hiding and finding
the same small figurines.

She shrieks with joy
as we explore the newly
mowed lawn, investigate
freshly turned beds of soil
in the garden. I, too, smile
as the spring sun strikes
my face and warms me
in a new and profound way.





Jessica Gigot is a poet, teacher and farmer in the Skagit Valley of Washington. She owns and operates a small farm called Harmony Fields where she grows organic herbs and raises sheep. She is also the mother to two, young girls, June and Eloise.

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