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20 Mar


General/Column No Response

Right now, food is the answer and
coffee is the answer and
trying to wean myself off of
coffee is the answer.

And patience is the answer and
morning sunlight in the sheets
is the answer and

hidden tears are the answer.
And whimpers are the answer
and giggles and squeals of
delight are the answer.

And not being able to move
my body and getting soft
in the thighs again
is the answer.

And feeling empty and
feeling safe and
feeling overflowing and
overwhelmed and

used up and
and grateful,
is the answer.




A Georgia native, Abigail Patterson has been an active participant in the Athens poetry scene, reading at local venues and for the University of Georgia’s radio station WUOG. She received her MA in Professional Writing from Kennesaw State University and her work has appeared in Inklette. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with her daughter.

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