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16 Sep


General/Column One Response

He stands on the stage.
because I urged him to go

This child who once cried
during the Farmer and the Dell
because the cheese stands alone

He plays, tiny violin on his shoulder, bow at the ready
The Monkey Song, the Flower Song, the Kangaroo Song

The teachers face the students and play just for them
Little ones collapse into crisscross applesauce
steady their brown curved instruments on their laps

He beams
His dimple deepens
He loves to hear the teachers play

He rises with the others
They keep every student on the stage
Then, twinkle, twinkle, but a new version

He listens
Violin in rest position
professional bow hold

This six-year-old mini-man sings
the song he can’t play as fast as
everyone else

I see strength in him
like a thin cord of wire.


Elisabeth Venetiou’s fiction appeared in The Evening Street Review and her poetry in The Blue Guitar’s Unstrung. She published nonfiction pieces in the Arizona Daily Sun and was a regular contributor to Northern Arizona’s Mountain Living Magazine. Her most recent essay, “Water Changes,” was published in Sonderers Travel Magazine. She is a graduate of Northern Arizona University’s creative writing program and is currently at work on a novel.

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  1. Ellen

    September 17, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    A lovely moment — thanks!


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