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19 Oct

Peeling an Orange for My Children

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an orange
nestles in my palm
like an unopened rosebud
my children flock around me
like baby birds
their eager mouths waiting
for a honey-gold crescent
I dig in my nail
and peel back the
thick porous skin
juice and pulp quivering
beneath membranes
as light as cobwebs
phosphorescent particles
glitter on my fingers
as the tangy scent of
orange nectar
flutters up to my nose
like a curious hummingbird
my children scatter
prizes clutched in hand
I watch them with a smile
my little sparrows
nourished by my love
and the fruit I peel
with my own two hands


Ophelia Leong has been published in Mothers Always Write, Allegro Poetry, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Saturday Night Reader, among others. She is a stay at home mom to three children and she writes and does Irish Dance in her spare time. She is working on her first novel. She blogs here: Ophelialeong.blogspot.com or you can find her on Twitter @OpheliaLeong.



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