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21 Sep


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She looks into the mirror
as she dresses for her first day
of college, unsure of the beauty
emerging in the curves
of her face, and so full of hope.

I want to take her face
in a hold that is gentle yet firm,
and tell her to keep faith, that
there is a life like she imagines,
with someone who will see her,
who will feel her,
who will know her.

I want to hold her with a fierceness
that would scare her, and tell her
to mother the babies, not the men,

and to warn her that not all
who have vision will use it
with the best intentions.

I want to make a salve
that lets her know her worth
and rub it into every pore,
into her very soul.

She draws a breath, sets
her shoulders, and for the first time
I see the grace in her arms
as in wings poised for flight.


Sharyl Collin started writing poetry about four years ago. Her poems have appeared in various publications, including Mason’s Road Literary Journal, Wild Goose Poetry Review, *82 Review, The Intentional and Lummox.

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