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16 Nov

Other Mothers’ Day

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Janet left school in early spring
starting to look fat

Visiting grandma I think
she said when she returned
next fall slender
and somehow older
and she wasn’t alone
Arlette too and others took
the same indefinite leave
of absence

Where did the babies go
I used to wonder

They must be all grown up now
sending cards to other mothers
on this remembrance day
and maybe sending
silent thoughts to Janet
and the rest


Sally Zakariya’s poetry has appeared in numerous journals, including Apeiron, The Broadkill Review, Edge, Emerge, Third Wednesday, and Evening Street Review, and has won prizes from Poetry Virginia and the Virginia Writers Club. She is the author of Insectomania (2013) and Arithmetic and other verses (2011) and the editor of Joys of the Table, an anthology of poems about food and eating. Zakariya lives in Arlington, Virginia, and blogs at www.butdoesitrhyme.com.

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