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16 May

Only Child

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Children are a gift from the Lord; they are his reward…Blessed is the man
whose quiver is full of them. (Psalm 127)

Sometimes we fling
that phrase as if singular
somehow means less,
as if only plural is a gift.
I’m afraid it suggests
you are not enough,
that solitary carries no blessing,
though we love to quote how
“God so loved the world
he gave his only son.”

So cherish the label,
and always remember
you are more to us than
a dozen sons and daughters.
All our eggs are in one basket,
and we’ve given the basket to God.
You are his mighty arrow
who fills our quiver to bursting.
Into you we bend our strength
and pray you fly true.


Amy Nemecek lives in northern Michigan with her husband and son. Her poems have appeared in The 3288 Review, Mothers Always Write, Indiana Voice Journal, Snapdragon, and Vine Leaves Literary Journal. When Amy isn’t working with words, she enjoys playing the violin, walking along country roads, and researching family history. @Beloved_Delight.

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