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15 Aug

On the Morning of Your Wedding

General/Column 2 Responses

they ask me how I feel
to have my eldest marrying
so young.

I haven’t yet thought myself
what the mood will be
even as I near our small white church,
lean heavy on your daddy’s arm.

But after the music,
your bride’s careful walk,
the Pastor’s step forward
we gather together…
let no man tear asunder…

I look at you, my son,
standing solid as a tree
and I become the farmer,
remember the hoeing, the planting,
the praying for rain.
Remember the weeding, the raking,
the staking, the feeding.
Deep in your being
we have sown the seeds of cherish
the soil of honor
the roots of love,

and the feelings run.

They run down the aisle
by the straight caramel pews
by friends and family
by the bountiful years
the meager and sparse ones
all the days lost.

They flow toward the altar
where a sunbeam finds your feet planted
your arm branching outward
your fingers entwined.
In the final moments
before you say those words
by which you’ll till your life,
you glance over your shoulder
and your eyes find mine,
making sure I too am ready
for the harvest.


Julianne Palumbo, MAW’s founder and Editor-in-Chief, is a mother, a writer, and a writing encourager. She is blessed to have raised three children who still keep her moving. When she’s not writing, you will find her in the kitchen or the garden or walking the dog.

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  1. Sharmon Gazaway

    January 2, 2017 at 4:24 am

    Lovely. As the mother of 3 sons who all married young–to the best young women on the planet–this poem sung my feelings so well. I could feel them run, like a river flowing down that aisle, the stream of emotions, the remembrance of the toil in the heat of the day…so very worth it all.

    • editor

      January 2, 2017 at 7:21 pm

      Sharmon, I’m so glad this poem spoke to you. Was not sure how I’d feel on the wedding day, but was blessed to find it to be a wonderful celebration! Thanks for reading and commenting.


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