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20 Feb

Of Your Wasted Life

General/Column One Response

You are devoted to the mission of your life:
Raising six sons to inherit and recharge
The universe. Your endurance like sweeping
Ocean tides; your worry heavy as the pole
Star. You were happy when they sucked
Your bones and ate your crumbs of solitude
Because you aimed the muzzle of motherhood
At the bull’s eye where happiness crosses
Ambition. You take the snide remarks sniffing
At your wasted talent as the fanatic loves the flail
And the flame that prove your mission
The higher call, and you accept the praise
Of some who wonder how you do it,
So carefully casting the future of the planet.



Some of Jared Pearce’s poems have recently been or will soon be shared in Literary Nest, Kentucky Review, the Magnolia Review, J Journal, DIAGRAM, and Mobius. He lives in Iowa with his wife and six sons.

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