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21 Dec

Nomad’s Song

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Write me a poem, grandma
about beetles crawling on topsoil
about monkeys swinging on lianas
about jaguars capturing peccaries
about pacas foraging in Panama
at night while I am sleeping in my loft
dreaming of earthworms drying from drought
and of my future.

Write me a poem, grandma
about places far from Quebec and Ohio
about animals and plants I have not seen.


Clara B. Jones is Nomad’s grandmother and a retired scientist, currently practicing poetry in Asheville, NC. As a woman of color, she writes about identity and power. Ofi Literary Magazine, WNC-Woman, Transnational, Bluestem, The Review Review, Mount Island, and 34th Parallel are among the venues her poems, reviews, essays, and interviews have appeared or are forthcoming in. In the 1970s, Clara studied with Adrienne Rich and has studied recently with the poets Meghan Sterling and Eric Steineger.

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