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13 Aug


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What happens when we
care for the hearts of others
is two things:

We become better.
And our world falls apart.

Please tell me
there’s something
ugly on the outside
that still has a good
chance at life.
Remind me of the things
that grow despite me,
in spite of me.

When my first child
was an infant, I left her
with another to return to work.
Every day I was amazed
she survived without me.
And now, my daughters
with their wild, tangled
hair and mismatched
clothes go into their world
and have themselves
a promising day.

This morning, I realize
it’s as simple as the birds
hitching a ride on a big
March wind, blowing in
from a place I cannot see.
It’s as simple as the robin
perching his warm copper chest
on tree outside my window.

God, the tree looks hideous
right now: gray, brittle, dull.

But think of what’s inside of it–
petals, hidden color, deep roots.

It’s about to break open.



Libby Kurz holds a BS in Nursing from UNC-Charlotte and an MFA in Creative Writing from National University. Her work has appeared in The Poet’s Billow, Relief Journal, Driftwood Press, Literary Mama, Ruminate, and The Hunger. A veteran of the US Air Force, she now resides on the coast of Virginia with her family. She works part-time as a registered nurse in the operating room and teach creative writing workshops through The Muse Writers Center and the Armed Services Arts Partnership in Norfolk, VA. 

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